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     [Bug] wrong length of mp3s with VBR [FIXED]
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Posted on: 2005/2/21 19:18

[Bug] wrong length of mp3s with VBR [FIXED]
When adding mp3s encoded with "lame --preset standart (Version 3.96)" yamipod does not recognize the correct length of the songs. This causes my iPod to play those songs until this "imaginary line" before going on with the next song. (i.e. real length is 3:46 while yamipod says 3:15)
There were no problems when adding the mp3s with iTunes or Winamp.

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Posted on: 2005/2/22 23:56

Re: [Bug] wrong length of mp3s with VBR
I improved mp3 bitrate calculation with files encoded with Xing (LAME?). Please if you can test the pre release (learn more here), and let me know if it fixed your problems.

Now bitrate should be exact, length in seconds may differ at worse by 1 sec, but it's just a integer rounding matter.

Should the problem still persist please contact me again I'm willing to fix it.

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