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     Playlist Sort Error; New Songs Don't Show Up on iPod
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Posted on: 2008/12/29 12:20

Playlist Sort Error; New Songs Don't Show Up on iPod
The last 2 times I've added music to my YamiPod playlists, they showed up fine on the program window, but they're nowhere to be found on my iPod. In addition, 3 of my playlists have mysteriously gone missing on my iPod but still exist in the YamiPod program.

Today when I was trying to sort my playlist alphabetically, I got the following (long) error message:

Something unexpected happened. Refer to online documentation or report in forum.

Sub Ytunes.tunesDB_RewritePlaylist()playlist(int32, string())
Sub Ytunes.tunesDB_RewritePlaylist(int32,string())
Sub SortPlaylistWindow.SortPlaylistWindow.PushButton1_Action(SortPlaylistWindow.SortPlaylistWindow)
Sub Window.ShowModal()
Function MainWindow.MainWindow._PlaylistSort_Action(MainWindow.MainWindow)as boolean

any help would be greatly appreciated!

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