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     Solved(sorta): yamipod + iTunes 8.*
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Posted on: 2008/11/27 7:57

Solved(sorta): yamipod + iTunes 8.*
So I figured out how to get yamipod to work with iTunes 8.* (for at least the very basic of uses) ... ready?

Use iTunes 7 instead. Then upgrade.

Okay, so this is really just a hack and if you actually want to use yamipod to its full potential, this won't make it work with iTunes 8, but if you're just trying to get your songs, playlists, etc. off your iPod and into iTunes, this will work. (AND you don't care about your current iTunes Library being wiped)

Basically here's the deal:
- Uninstall iTunes 8.
- Download a yamipod compatible version of iTunes 7 off apple's site. (I used 7.4.3 because I knew that at least would work.) You can find the download by searching the Support section of the site for 'iTunes 7 download' (w/o quotes) and narrowing the results to 'Downloads'. Or here is the link to the 7.4.3 download for Windows:
- Install your new (older) version of iTunes. (iTunes 7 won't be able to understand the iTunes 8 library file (ends with .itl) so you'll have to delete it from the iTunes Music folder on your computer and import your songs again to the library.)
- NOW use the normal procedure for exporting playlists and such from yamipod to iTunes (this is WELL documented elsewhere).
- And for the finishing touch, if you want iTunes 8, just upgrade inside iTunes when you're done with whatever you wanted to do with yamipod. However, if you upgrade, you won't be able to use yamipod anymore till they come out with a compatible build.

And that's it. Not really all that magnificent and I'm sure someone else already thought of this, but I couldn't find anything, so I thought I'd share. Also, I know how to keep your ratings, but this post is already too long so look for my next one.

Thanks for yamipod though, it rocks!
Posted on: 2008/12/14 18:41

Re: Solved(sorta): yamipod + iTunes 8.*
This worked great for me (thanks very much!) except one thing: playlists. The whole issue was created by installing a new hard drive. Before doing so, I backed up all the music, so, in reality, I probably didn't need Yamipod for that part anyway. But my concern was bringing over my playlists. I still haven't figured that out. It's probably something simple. Any suggestions?

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