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     yamipod crashes after copying 33 files from ipod to pc
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(Just popping in)

Joined: 2008/11/12
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Posted on: 2008/11/12 1:29

yamipod crashes after copying 33 files from ipod to pc
Hello everyone,

As the subject suggests, yamipod crashes after copying 33 files from the ipod to my PC. (Actually I tested the latest version on my laptop but it also happened on my PC with the previous version).

My ipod is 80gb video, probably G5 (it's nearly 2 years old). I'm using windows xp SP 3 (exact version is "5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600" as copied from systeminfo).

And finally, if you don't mind I might as well present my real problem here (it might actually be a clue to why yamipod is not working well): Using iTunes I can copy songs to my ipod, and while connected to the PC I can play the songs I've added to the ipod from the ipod itself. Once disconnected, the ipod does not display the songs I've added at all. This started happening about a couple of months back, a bit more maybe. So basically everything I had on it beforehand still plays well, but everything I've added since then does not display and can't be played outside iTunes. So, basically, I want to back up all my music, reset the ipod and re-add the music. And I was sort of counting on yamipod for that whole backup-the-music-before-reset part
Phew... That was long, sorry about that. Hope you can help me, at least with yamipod :)
(Just popping in)

Joined: 2008/12/24
Posts: 1

Posted on: 2008/12/24 7:09

Re: yamipod crashes after copying 33 files from ipod to pc
I have been experiencing the same issue on an intermittent, but regular (oxymoron?) basis (usually when copying between 30 and 500 files at a time, haven’t been able to crack the 500 mark yet). I have only tried copying from iPod to PC so far, using WinVista Biz and Gen 4 30Gb iPod (Ver 1.3, Model MA446X).

I’ve attached the error I get below. Sorry I’m no good when it comes to debugging stuff. :/

Cheers and have a great x-mas, new years!

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