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Posted on: 2008/10/14 4:25

I tried to use your software and now I have done damage to my system.

Yamipod asked for the ipod version I said “classic”. Then it asked for the FWID, so I looked up how to do that and gave it the correct 16 digit number, it kept telling me it thought it was the wrong number but it wasn’t, so I applied it anyway.

Then my computer would not recognize my ipod, I called Apple tech support who had me reformat the ipod, which did not help we discovered that I can sync to another user in XP but not my user account. Tech support then said it’s a windows issue and they cannot help me

how can I solve this issue since it seems to be a known problem with yamipod? (I find out later having read the forums)

Apple tech support says its something to do with the User account. I am stuck because Microsoft will not help.

I tried deleting the driver in disk management and then re connecting Ipod. window replaced it but Itunes still wont sync. it says it "cannot synce becasue it cannot find the disk" ( what disk?)

Thanks You

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