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Poster Thread
(Just popping in)

Joined: 2008/8/25
Posts: 1

Posted on: 2008/8/25 1:01

Warning shows up

so I'm new here, just downloaded YamiPod and trying to use it since I re-installed my PC and now want my music back from my iPod to my PC.

Well the thing is that every time I open YamiPod I'm getting a warning at startup. (iTunes is closed)
"You have used this iPod with an unknown iTunes version, probably a new one. This may cause problems when using YamiPod, visit and please report problem. Do you want to continue?
Yes --- No"

So I don't want to risk loosing my Music on my iPod so I don't continue but what I'm more interessted in is, if there is a fix for that available or if I have to look for another program, even though YamiPod looks very promising.
I definitely downloaded the latest version of YamiPod and my iTunes definitely works great with my iPod and vise versa.

YamiPod Version 1.7

iTunes Version is
Platform: Windows
OS: XP Professional

My iPod is a 160GB Classic
I selected iPod classic in Yami

Have a great rest of the day!

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