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Posted on: 2008/7/21 23:59

YAMI blanks ipod
I'm running yamipod 1.7 with a nano 3g.

Every time I try to use yamipod to add songs to my ipod, it screws up. Twice it's blanked out my ipod - ie it says there are no songs on it (even though they're still there) and I have to use another program to get them "back."

The other issue I've had is it has inexplicably added every song on the ipod onto one playlist.

I'm not really asking a question, just reporting a frustration. I can sync my ipod to any program, but yami messes it up every time.
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Posted on: 2008/7/23 0:07

Re: YAMI blanks ipod
The same happened to me with my 80 GB Classic and as I surve through the forum to a lot of others.

What program did you use to "get your songs back" ?
Posted on: 2008/7/23 18:56

Re: YAMI blanks ipod
I've used winamp or songbird to get them back. It only takes a second, since they're all there.
Posted on: 2008/9/18 0:00

Re: YAMI blanks ipod
what about the video files and other files? were you able to get them back?

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