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Posted on: 2008/6/24 12:04

Ipod stopped working
I just got a new computer and was in the process of transferring all my song from my Ipod- a 5th gen (I think) video, 30g. I went through a couple methods when trying to do this, including using Yamipod. Somewhere in the process my ipod was damaged. It works fine except that no music actually comes out of it. The sounds of the ipod scrolling and the static of no music is all I can hear, whether plugged in to something from the bottom attachment or the headphone jack.

I'm not sure yamipod was responsible, though I think it's the only program I actually ran with the ipod- not sure though. Has anyone ever heard of this happening with yamipod and if so, how can I fix it?
Posted on: 2008/9/23 8:02

Re: Ipod stopped working
well it happens 2 me but i dunno hot to repair it

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