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     exporting playlist doesn't work properly
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Posted on: 2008/5/4 22:34

exporting playlist doesn't work properly

I am trying to export my playlists from my iPod to iTunes (not the songs, just the playlists)

I am using Windows XP with SP2 and all the latest Windows updates and iTunes version with a 2G Nano

When launching YamiPod I receive the error:
You have used this iPod with an unknown iTunes version, probably a new one. This may cause problems when using YamiPod....

I click Yes to contiune, then try to export my playlist by going to the playlist menu and choosing Export.

I point the Music folders area to the location where all my music is stored on my PC and then choose a location to save the exported playlist.

Everything seems to work ok, but when I import the playlist in iTunes, half the songs are missing and they are all tagged incorrectly.

I can double click each song to play them, once they start playing the tags fix themselves, but still half the songs are missing.

I've also tried deleting the YamiPod folder from my nano and re-doing the above steps, but I still have the same outcome.

Does YamiPod not support my version of iTunes?

Thank you for any help.
(Just popping in)

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Posted on: 2009/11/8 21:30

Re: exporting playlist doesn't work properly
I am having the exact same issue and it's quite frustrating:

-5th Gen Ipod (60GB)
-Yamipod 1.8

Additionally, iTunes seems to only import the playlist if it's exported from Yamipod using .m3u with absolute paths.

Please advise.

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