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     Program Automatically closes...normal?
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Joined: 2005/1/18
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Posted on: 2007/8/4 20:28

Re: Program Automatically closes...normal?
should be fixed in YamiPod 1.6


Posted on: 2007/8/9 2:13

Re: Program Automatically closes...normal?
This bug is happening to me whenever I change a song's info or a song finishes playing. Other than this it is great.
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Joined: 2007/7/20
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Posted on: 2007/8/11 12:37

Re: Program Automatically closes...normal?

Have the same problem with Yamipod closes after file tranfer(the files seems to be there as they should though) on my iPod 80Gb on Win2kSp4, Itunes 7.3.1 and I can not find anything related to this in the sticky(unless you mean that in order for you to find the problem you need a new iPod)?

Apart from that - splendid software(and nice to see someone using REALBasic)!

Just tried it on WinXPSp2 and no iTunes installed - closes after transfer as with W2K

1.6 fixed this! Thanks for the response and update!!
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Joined: 2007/12/27
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Posted on: 2007/12/29 7:35

Re: Program Automatically closes...normal?
I am experiencing this issue with YamiPod 1.7 with an iPod Nano (3G).

In my case, I'm trying to copy 326 songs from the iPod to my hard drive. The computer is running XP. I tried it twice, but both times YamiPod closed after only 166 songs were copied. iTunes is NOT loaded on this computer.

Please let me know if this can be corrected.
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