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     [BUG/OS X] Song delete/move crash. [FIXED]
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Posted on: 2005/5/9 23:03

[BUG/OS X] Song delete/move crash. [FIXED]

In the event that a user attempts to delete (or move) a song (or many songs) from the device, YamiPod outputs the following error message:

(iPod shuffle) wrong songnum, quitting

Conditions of Occurence:
----iPod Mini - (Firmware: V1.3/2005-03-23)

----Powerbook G4 - OSX 10.4 (w/apple updates)
----Powermac G5 - OSX 10.3.9 (w/apple updates)

*Connection Type:

*YamiPod Version"

Work around:
Delete songs in iTunes.


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Posted on: 2005/5/9 23:55

Re: [BUG/OS X] Song delete/move crash.
Fixed in pre release.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

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