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     Yam-Win v101 crash while copying from ipod
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(Just popping in)

Joined: 2007/1/20
Posts: 1

Posted on: 2007/1/20 5:51

Yam-Win v101 crash while copying from ipod
yam just crashed on me and spat out a few error msgs, just thought I would post them incase it helps
#1: Too long filename for I:\myipodbackup\mu... (108)
#2: Error: (warning) date mofified, samplerate and bpm fileds unsupported
it then crashed but was still active in the task manager takeing up 97% cpu time :o)
the song it seemd to crash on copy'd fine and i had copyed songs with longer filenames before and after the crash too
I had been useing yam for about 10 hours copying from it tho (USB1.1)
I am downloading the beta so will give it a go with that and if it happens again ill amend this post :o)


Joined: 2005/1/18
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Posted on: 2007/2/1 13:03

Re: Yam-Win v101 crash while copying from ipod
#1 msg says it all: file can't be copied because destination filename is too long.


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