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     'Should never happen' error MacOS 10.3.9 [CLOSED]
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Posted on: 2005/4/28 15:59

'Should never happen' error MacOS 10.3.9 [CLOSED]

dunno if anyone else is getting this, but I've been getting the same error on 2 different Macs (eMac, PowerBook G4), both running MacOS X 10.3.9.

Whenever I try to copy a song from YamiPod, I get an error 'Should never happen' and the copy operation fails. The error dialog has an OK button, but reappears after this is pressed. The only way to break out of the loop is to force-quit.

Oddly, I was able to use the copy feature on my G5 (running the same OS version) at home.

Anyone any ideas?


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Posted on: 2005/4/28 22:19

Re: 'Should never happen' error MacOS 10.3.9
This is an error that appears when there's a problem writing id3 tags. Songs are copied corretly but id3 tags (title name album name) won't change if they were changed inside YamiPod.

Latest pre release shows this message just once when copying.


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