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     somewhat complicated problem.. advise if you can
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Posted on: 2006/10/25 21:25

somewhat complicated problem.. advise if you can
have scroll wheel 20 gig (third gen, maybe?)
Itunes and library was stored on PC. After last update, computer no longer recognized ipod..
Since I have 2800+ songs on ipod, I didn't need to update for over a year.

Since that time, the old PC bit the dust - as did my library.

I'd like to back up music from ipod to laptop (then, external hard drive) - however, I'm not sure how to go about it.

I'm not sure that my ipod is in working order since it wasn't recognized the last time it was plugged in.
I'm worried about plugging it into a new pc for fear of the auto sync function.

SO - new laptop - no itunes installed.
Ipod with library
I did buy tune transfer for ipod - but, have yet to install

any advise?
thanks, Mary

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