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Posted on: 2006/10/3 18:07

yami layout messed up
I'm guessing yamipod saves it's layout information somewhere (screen size, the size of each panel, etc).

For some reason, mine has totally screwed up. The song list is so large, it goes WAAAAAY off the screen, and it's so big, not only can I not see any of the other panels but I can not resize anything. I've looked in the registry, and searched around the computer for files modified recently, but I can't find anything. I've tried changing yami versions, but that hasn't helped - must reference the same files.

Any ideas?

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Posted on: 2006/10/3 19:38

Re: yami layout messed up
there's a post in the forum. you need to delete yamipod's preference file (prefs). it's under iPod_Control\yamipod in your iPod.


(Just popping in)

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Posted on: 2007/1/5 19:56

Re: yami layout messed up
What's your point about there being a post elsewhere in the forum, Tomas?
If we should search for help show us how to use the facility. That 'Use Google' thing - is that just for this site? Doesn't seem to say so - and we know Google does the whole planet..
What might have been the expression in this case?
Posted on: 2007/1/9 21:28

Re: yami layout messed up
At any rate this is a bug so I submitted it as such. I found it so frustrating that I deleted Yamipod from my iPod. Now that I have found this fix I will re-install and try again.

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