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     New Itunes update stops YAMIPOD
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Joined: 2006/9/23
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Posted on: 2006/9/23 5:06

Re: New Itunes update stops YAMIPOD
iPod nano 4G until yesterday w/ iTunes 6.0 and YamiPod worked absolutely fine (WinXP).

Yesterday Update to iTunes 7... complete desaster..
- iTunes showed "iPod in Maintenance Mode...needs to be reconfigured... rebooted but problem stayed the same.. iTunes was not able to use iPod properly (but recognized the problem... although "DriveMode" did not work either ..IPod was not recognized with proper DriveLetter in Windows.

Completely de-installed iTunes (as recommended by apple (see support page)twice and re-installed after several reboots...

Now iPod recognized by iTunes 7 but YamiPod starts with an Error "error: mhip,mhod52 1,0 Refer to documentation..."

.... Please help soon
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