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Posted on: 2005/4/1 1:59

Feature Requests [ADDED]
I think something that would be useful is the ability to do multi file enumeration. Sometimes, when i transfer files over my tags are incorrect and are all 0. The ability to highlight them all and enter 1(or 4) to enumerate them starting from that number would be great.

Also a mutl playlist renamer would be nice. Similar to how Ephpod can construct playlists from all directories. The tweak id like to see is to control the naming structure. So that i can auto rename all my playlists Artist-AlbumName or AlbumName-Artist. Incidently, Ephpod auto playlist rename uses the format AlbumName(Artist) which i find annoying.

Keep up the good work

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Posted on: 2005/4/1 20:35

Re: Feature Requests

I added the enumeration feature, will be there in next release. I never used ephpod, so could you explain the other feature you were talking albout?

Posted on: 2005/4/12 11:18

Re: Feature Requests
ephpod allows every directory that is drag and dropped to automatically be made into a playlist. so when i have lets say a 80s hits dir and a rap dir, when i drag and drop them, they automatically have playlists generated.

i was thinking a similar option for Yamipod would be useful. Drag and drop directories, and once finished transferring create playlists. i generally use playlists for my ipod. i tend to transfer albums over only and i want to be able to sort them by artist-album name. so a playlist is my only option.

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