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Posted on: 2006/8/30 18:59

Album art
Hi there,

Thanks for YamiPod, it's a great program and I've been finding it very useful. Much better than iTunes :D the portability is great too.

However, I've been having some problems with album art. All of my mp3s are tagged with album art (ie. I've embedded the art in the actual ID3 tag). However, it doesn't show up when playing the songs on the iPod.

I did find a way to workaround this problem: if I then open up iTunes, and play music _off the iPod_, album art shows up on-screen.. And then if I play the song in future on the iPod, the album art works then too. I just have to play a song once in iTunes for it to work properly.

As you can probably imagine though, this is a bit annoying :P
(Just popping in)

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Posted on: 2006/8/31 17:21

Re: Album art
That's iTunes for you :)

I believe I read a thread here where the YamiPod author said YamiPod doesn't support album art because he doesn't know how to create the image in the format used by iPods.
Posted on: 2006/9/1 13:50

Re: Album art
As far as I know, iTunes actually embeds the cover art in the ID3 tag of the file (which explains why all tracks downloaded directly from iTMS are already tagged with art). I used the mp3tag actions tool to tag all my mp3s, so maybe the <a hrefauthor of mp3tag will be willing to help the developer out (since mp3tag is freeware too).
mp3tag forums
mp3tag homepage

Anyway, it seems to me that the problem is that YamiPod isn't writing the iPod database correctly - somehow iTunes is letting the iPod know that it can display album art, or something. I wonder if the actual iPod itself displays art from the mp3 or from some other database created by iTunes...

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Posted on: 2006/9/1 15:06

Re: Album art
A special database is created for artwork (see the artwork folder under iPod_Control) and the iTunesDB (the iPod database) is written as well. I figured out how it works but it takes time to implement.

I may try to fix the fact that it doesn't show up when playing the songs on the iPod.


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