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Joined: 2006/8/10
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Posted on: 2006/8/11 0:22

General feedback
So far, I'm thrilled with YamiPod - great work. I've been looking for a program that would let me manage my library remotely, as opposed to the plethora or programs that just allow you library access. Furthermore, the tracking is brilliant. Am I correct that it caches songs that are played on the iPod itself (that is, not off of the iPod while it's connected to a computer) and then submits them to next time it's launched? If so, seriously, great work - an app like this has been needed for ages.

As far as suggestions/ideas, I wonder if it might be possible to have an integrated player a la PodPlayer. Since this is a piece of portable software, having it be dependent on a 3rd party app that's not installed by default on many Windows computers (Quicktime) defeats part of the purpose. While external players such as WMP can be used, this is significantly less convenient, and also not a solution for AAC files, which WMP doesn't play by default. The reason I think this is so important is that portable apps should be functional as self-contained apps.

Also, my primary reason for using this is for it's integration (it drove me nuts that none of the music I listened to at work was getting sent) and this is circumvented when music is played externally.

Overall I'm thrilled - keep up the great work!

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