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     [BUG] [0.61b11] - "Copy Song To..." truncates file name. [CLOSED]
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Posted on: 2005/3/20 16:22

[BUG] [0.61b11] - "Copy Song To..." truncates file name. [CLOSED]

This is a very minor bug, nothing important, but I just noticed it with the last version, and found it's still in the most recent version.

I have an iPod Photo with WinXP SP2, running latest version of YamiPod (0.61b11).

When I copy a file from my iPod back onto my computer, it truncates the filenames when I right-click the song and choose "Copy Song To..." then select any destination path method ie. "Direct Copy" "Artist/Album" etc, and select "Filename: Don't Change."

It appears that filenames are limited to 27 characters + ".mp3". It doesn't matter if the songs were originally placed on the iPod using iTunes or YamiPod, either song filename gets truncated.

However, if I choose other filename options such as "Artist - Track Title" it works fine, and filenames can exceed 27 characters.

As always, great work on YamiPod. I'm especially glad to hear that the VBR problem has been fixed.

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Posted on: 2005/3/20 16:38

Re: [BUG] [0.61b11] - "Copy Song To..." truncates file name. [CLOSED]
This is not a bug. When copying to iPod filenames are truncated (by iTunes and YamiPod) because by default. You have choosed filename=don't change so YamiPod is copying the files as their are on the iPod.

Just change the filename settings to something different.


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