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Posted on: 2006/7/7 1:28

ipod shuffle
Can I load/download Ipod shuffle using Yami pod?

Thanks - Jim
(Just popping in)

Joined: 2006/8/10
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Posted on: 2006/8/11 18:50

Re: ipod shuffle
Yup - It works on all ipods and I am running it off of a Shuffle myself.
Posted on: 2006/9/15 2:47

Re: ipod shuffle

A friend a bit older has asked me to put some songs on his "shuffle" (old generation) but Yamipod doesn't recognize it. It still waits for an iPod to be connected...

So I'm stuck with iTunes ?

I tried to install the last version, and it messed it up, so now even Yamipod crashes at start-up.

I don't know what to do...
Posted on: 2006/9/17 1:26

Re: ipod shuffle
Same problem here.. formatted ipod shuffle or Xplay-system the Yamipod doesn't reconize the ipod.

After used with iTunes Yamipod crashes.

Posted on: 2006/10/14 1:20

Re: ipod shuffle
When this will be fixed? There's no way the Yamipod crashes with every ipod shuffle. This is not happens with Xplay. Why?
Posted on: 2006/10/14 11:23

iPod Shuffle
Before I buy a (new-generation) iPod Shuffle, can anyone tell me if it works properly with YamiPod?

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