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     Why write to the DB?
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Posted on: 2006/5/5 15:23

Why write to the DB?
Let me first thank you for a great application!

I just have a feature request:

Don't write to the iPod DB unless changes have been made.

Often when I plug in my iPod I just want to copy songs from the iPod to the harddrive or listen to a song on the iPod.
I rarely want to add new songs (I do that at home with gtkpod on my Linux machine).

So what I want is to write-protect my iPod because I don't want anything changed on it!

I've used two other iPod programs which have messed up the iPod DB completetly and I don't see the point in always writing to it.

Perhaps one could set the setting "Don't write to iPod unless I tell you to".

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Posted on: 2006/5/7 3:42

Re: Why write to the DB?
YamiPod writes only when really stricly necessary.


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