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Joined: 2006/4/24
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Posted on: 2006/4/26 4:14

iPod Clock Bug
It seems that my iPod's clock has somehow been messed up, and I assume that it is through Yamipod because this bug only showed up once I started using it.

The clock works and all, but if you have 'display time in title' on, the clock always displays the time from the last time you went to clock settings and set the time&date. For instance, if you last set the time to 3:14 PM, the time would always be displayed as 3:14 PM in the title bar of your iPod. If you go back and check it under the Settings menu, however, at a later time, the time under the option to set the date and time is still correct, and the title bar time is updated to that time - but then remains at that time until you check under Settings a third time.

Sorry if this has been reported before. And I'm not 100% sure this is because of Yamipod - reporting it just in case.

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