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Posted on: 2006/3/30 4:46

iPod & Rating
Does anybody know how iPod saves Ratings of a song in it's file?
Does it use ID3 Tags or what?
i use Foobar2000 and i usually rate my songs using the tag RATING, but when i transfer them to my iPod, i don't see those ratings.
So what's the use of these ratings in iPod if they're not compatible?
(Just popping in)

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Posted on: 2006/4/10 18:40

Re: iPod & Rating
i think that the ipod uses its own database format for storing all song info.

i too use foobar2k and apply a rating field to my mp3s. what would be great is if yamipod supported this and could translate between the rating tag and the ipod's database. i'm sure this would be quite easy to do one way (getting tagged ratings onto the ipod) although it might be trickier to get them back the other way.

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