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     [FEATURE REQUEST] deleting playlist & songs
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Posted on: 2006/3/21 10:29

[FEATURE REQUEST] deleting playlist & songs
when deleting a playlist it would be great to have the option to delete the containing songs as well. because when you have lots of playlists you would have to look up every song on a playlist individually and then delete it.
with this option it could be possible to delete the playlist AND the contained songs in one step without first having to delete the songs manually.
of course there might be the problem of songs to apppear in more than one playlist. then these songs should of course not be deleted
it would also be nice if you can delete a song directly from the playlist-window (not only remove it from the playlist). maybe something like a SHIFT+DELETE function to delete songs directly.
maybe it is possible to implement such an option in future releases...

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