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Posted on: 2006/3/15 5:49

about lyrics
First of all, thanks for your software, it's really gooood:)

About the lycrics, I was wodering is it possible to show it in a nice style on IPOD. What I mean is making the lyrics moving on the screen. Now we can only check the lyrics by hitting IPOD, is it possible to make it show like when we play songs with WINAMP. So the songs could go with the lyrics with a time bar.

Looking forward your answer. And BTW, YamiPod is a quite useful software with multiple functions. For the next version, I suggest you thinking about changing the skin and make it more beautiful.

Thanks alot, good luck for you
Posted on: 2006/3/29 21:23

Re: about lyrics
you are lucky to get lyrics on your ipod, I searched for on my ipod functions, support on ipod but found nothing.

I even tried to install yamipod (I saw the explanations on the feature) and get a windows warning
saying it encountered a problem while trying to execute the file.

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