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     iPod only update a couple times before Error -69
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Posted on: 2006/3/12 5:48

iPod only update a couple times before Error -69

I´ve been experiencing some problems with my iPod. It won´t communicate with my PC more than a couple of times before start giving me -69 errors and make very loud disk noise.

When this happens I have to restore my iPod and upload everything again!

I can listen all the songs/see videos with no problems after the error appears. I uploaded over 40gb to test and can I hear every song with no problem, but can´t communicate with my PC unless I retore it.

I downloaded the cdcheck utility and none of the songs is corrupted. Basically I´ve tried everything I could fin and still noting!

help please!!!!

I´m running Windows XP SP2, iPod version 1.1 and the lates version of iTunes as well. I updated my iPod to the 1.1 version hopping it would fix the problem but it didn´t.


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Posted on: 2006/3/12 23:14

Re: iPod only update a couple times before Error -69
This problem is not caused by YamiPod. Unfortunately YamiPod cannot fix this issue. I read that this is a problem with some SP2.


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