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     Restore the OTG list when updating?
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Posted on: 2006/2/11 23:31

Restore the OTG list when updating?

I recently noticed that iTunes removes songs from the OTG playlist when updating songs. After some searching I found out that's because of the file structure and inevitable. Well, I have to put up with that fact, but now I'm looking for a possibility to get my songs back into the OTG playlist. iTunes usually saves them in a new static playlist called OTG playlist 1.

I only use the OTG playlist, because it's flexible even on the iPod itself I can add and remove songs. Making a new OTG playlist every time I sync my iPod with my PC really sucks and I wonder if it's possible to re-integrate the songs into the OTG playlist after the snyc.
I already checked many tools which can't do that, now I'm here. :)

So, can YamiPod do this?

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Posted on: 2006/2/13 23:01

Re: Restore the OTG list when updating?
This could be doable with a specific preference. Don't know how many others would be interested.

Obviously the first time you run iTunes or any other software that handles OTG as default, you would loose those playlists.


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