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Posted on: 2006/2/11 18:08

Issue with Nano?
I have this issue with YamiPod right now, it doesn't work. The program keeps telling me "please plug your iPod to continue!"

And i know my ipod is connected, because i'm running YamiPod from the Nano itself

idk what else i can tell you, its a 4GB White Nano (i was sure YamiPod worked with all of these models, i've tested the old 40GB, 20GB Video, 2GB Nano on this exact computer with the exact same setup, but this 4GB nano won't work right now)

I guess ill go try to use a different iPod on it right now to see if thats an issue, or if its the Nano's fault, haha

I'll be thankful if you can help me
Posted on: 2006/2/11 18:18

Re: Issue with Nano?
Okay, i tested it with my grandpa's ipod, its perfectly fine. I had a fresh windows on (vista-xp merged or something, i have no idea what to call it), and its a fresh yamipod DL, so when i inserted my grandpa's ipod it said it installed some drivers/hardware/software? i can't recall what it was, but whatever it did it made me restart my computer. On startup mg GP's iPod was working perfectly fine, so i swapped my nano in, no cigar.

is it because i have a fresh outta the box nano?

Posted on: 2006/2/21 16:52

Re: Issue with Nano?
afaik there has to be at least one song transferred with itunes on the ipod, otherwise yamipod will not recognize the ipod!
so just copy one song onto the ipod with itunes, then start yamipod and copy others on it

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