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Posted on: 2006/7/29 18:32

Re: Unsupported Firmware
Running iTunes onces does work, but this is rather annoying, I had to make a copy of my playcounts file so that I didn't lose my updates to Last.FM. Is there any fix that can be done for this?
Posted on: 2006/8/8 23:39

Re: Unsupported Firmware
What if you do not have itunes?
For example, I'm using Linux and I do not have available a Windows PC at the moment.

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Posted on: 2006/8/10 0:45

Re: Unsupported Firmware
Well, let's make this a bit more clear as this seems to be a FAQ.

There are different iPod managers out there, not all these apps write a perfect iPod database (even if everything still works).

YamiPod, to avoid corrupting the database, needs one that perfectly follows iTunes specs. iTunes is able to fix these kind of problems rewriting a good database to the iPod.

It seems that for example anapod explorer writes a database that YamiPod doesn't like.

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