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Posted on: 2006/1/26 21:18

Why YamiPod?
Please excuse my lack of understanding, but why YamiPod?

Most of the features are already there with iTunes ...

I think its cool how it can copy MP3s to an iPod, but can iPods play MP3s ?

Why do you use YamiPod over iTunes?

Please don't flame me. I am just curious why you use this program. What are the reasons you use it?

(Linux users: I know why you use it ...)
Posted on: 2006/1/26 21:22

Re: Why YamiPod?
Okay ... so I RTFM.

I definately think a "Why YamiPod?" page needs to be written ... here is what I have learned so far:

- YamiPod allows you to copy music from iPod to computer (iTunes does NOT)

- YamiPod can be installed on the iPod itself, and run from the iPod. No need to install software on any computer. (Friend has a computer? Great! Plug in your iPod, and copy music to/from it.)

So, that leaves me with 1 unanswered question. Can iPods play MP3s (without being converted to AAC first) ? (I think I will post that Q in a new thread)

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Posted on: 2006/1/26 23:48

Re: Why YamiPod?
yep iPods play mp3 native. see specs on apple site.


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