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     A few questions before I use this program.
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Posted on: 2006/1/16 5:29

A few questions before I use this program.
I apologize if this is already answered, but I just want to make sure my $300 video iPod I got for Christmas isn't at risk for future problems.

I'm a long way from home, I use Windows 98SE in my dorm, at home I use Windows XP SP2. I've already formatted it at home, and added songs using iTunes.

Concern #1: When I got up here, I used the trial of Anapod Explorer to put a few songs on it. If I use this prog and dump Anapod, will this create problems for me when I need it use it with iTunes again, or any other potential problems? (e.i. database damage, etc)

Concern #2: I've heard that creating playlist using this program creates a few problems. Was that true, if it was, was it ever corrected?

Thanks for any help.

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