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     can i install yamipod without itunes
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Posted on: 2005/12/27 3:04

can i install yamipod without itunes
I just came home from university which is a quite far away. Anyway this is my situation, I have previously installed iTunes on my computer at unversity and have been able to set up my nano perfectly. Now that I'm home, I afraid of hooking up my nano to my computer at home, because the nano might end up deleting the files in it (i haven't installed itunes or anything on this computer). I was just curious to know how one could get around this nasty dilema, without deleting the files. I'm thinking of just installing yamipod and hooking up the nano and see what happens. My nano is kinda running out of power, and i'll eventually hook up the nano to the computer anyway. Any help would regarding this situation would be greatful. Thanks alot!

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Posted on: 2005/12/27 3:21

Re: can i install yamipod without itunes
If you haven't installed iTunes in your home PC you can safely run YamiPod (download, unpack, double click). No songs will be deleted.


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