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(Just popping in)

Joined: 2005/12/26
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Posted on: 2005/12/26 18:06

YamiPod 'Loses' Track Data
Have been loading up tracks to a 2gig Nano using YamiPod 0.89 and have had some issues with track info. A lot of my music is recorded from my vinyl collection then converted to MP3 using DBPowerAMP and hence has no ID3 info (didn't matter before as I always used WinAMP which just displays the filename if there's no ID3). This, of course means that I've had to update the info as tracks are loaded. To give an example of the issue I've had, I loaded a folder containing an album of tracks by the same artist. On the first track, I entered the track name, the album, the artist and the genre. I selected 'all' for all of the completed details apart from the track title then went through the rest of the tracks filling in the track names. About half way through, the fixed details started to disappear one by one when I pressed the 'next' button. When I returned to the first track where I had entered them, they were gone there too. The track names were all still present and correct so I just entered the missing info in the first track and selected Load All. The tracks loaded with both the Album and Artist fields set to UNKNOWN.

I've had a couple of slight variations on this issue but would be hard pressed to pick out the specifics on those.

Thanks for providing an alternative!

Joined: 2005/1/18
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Posted on: 2005/12/26 22:53

Re: YamiPod 'Loses' Track Data
This is a know issue.

Will see what I can do.


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