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     Didn't follow instructions but YamiPod worked fine
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Posted on: 2005/12/25 23:57

Didn't follow instructions but YamiPod worked fine
I should say that if it wasn't for YamiPod Apple would have one returned nano this week. I got a nano under the tree but have only used non Apple MP3 players in the past. I assumed that the nano would support playing files just copied over (like all the rest of the players that I have used) because damn if I was going to install some iTunes crap that could bork up my PC or mess with my 300 GB of audio, video, and photos. I didn't think you had to buy into the iUniverse just to used a portable music player. Anyhow after plugging in the nano copying the MP3s over and then not being able to see them I realized something was amiss. After searching around I discovered that officially the only way to put media on the nano was the iWay.

Anyhow I finally found YamiPod, ran it, and was happily transferring and playing files. The main thrust of this thread was that, contrary to the instructions, I didn't do a thing with Itunes (haven't even opened the shrinkwrap). For me that would have defeated the main point of using YamiPod; installing another propriatry POS piece of software with deep hooks into my system and data. Thus, it seems that just running YamiPod, at least with a new nano, is fine without any extra fooling around with iWare.

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Posted on: 2005/12/26 22:27

Re: Didn't follow instructions but YamiPod worked fine
Brand new iPod comes with all folders/files setup correctly. That's why you didn't need to use iTunes.

Should you reformat your iPod you'll be forced to run iTunes once, in order to use YamiPod.


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