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(Just popping in)

Joined: 2005/12/23
Posts: 2

Posted on: 2005/12/23 13:50

YamiPod WIN Error
I get the following error when playing music off my iPod (3rd Gen 20GB) under Windows XP:

(warning) date modified, samplerate, and bpm fileds unsupported

That "fileds" is not my typo either, but is in the error dialog.
If I don't click OK on those error dialogs before the next song changes, the whole program hangs.

Also, when writing this with Firefox 1.5 (portable), the pages CSS is a bit screwey, as this replybox is 1/3 under the "iPod News" area on the right

Joined: 2005/1/18
Posts: 793

Posted on: 2005/12/23 21:30

Re: YamiPod WIN Error
You have some special playlist with some fields that aren't supported.

Posted on: 2006/3/24 4:44

Re: YamiPod WIN Error
I have this problem too...

There may well be 'special' fields on some of my .mp3s but the behaviour of Yamipod in this case is wrong.

Why not just ignore the fields? Right now playback for me stops after EVERY song and I have to click OK 3 times. I never asked Yamipod to do anything with that field.
Posted on: 2006/4/14 23:00

Re: YamiPod WIN Error
I have the exactly same problem, it is very annoying.

I have one more problem - when it sends the track to it is two hours wrong. I am from finland so I have GTM+2h. that is the time i have in every program, my ipod, windows and even selected on but if i play a track at 20.30 will say it was played 22.30.

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