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(Just popping in)

Joined: 2005/12/6
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Posted on: 2005/12/6 18:07

New advanced feature for file names
Hey, I love this app, I'm not using iTunes anymore except for album art... hope you can add it someday.

Now the one I would like to have in the new version is the ability to remove some string pattern from file names.
I use the Auto capitalize feature (is really cool), but also would like to Fix names like these:

1 - Breakerfall
2 - Corduroy
3 - Animal
4 - ... and so on

Fix = remove '1 - ', '2 - ', '3 - ' from filenames

The task to do it manually is hard with hundred of files added, if YamiPod could automatize it would be great!

May be using wildcards for special characters and numbers...

Keep it up! YamiPod rocks!!!

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