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Posted on: 2005/11/17 5:08

synchronize ratings and playcounts
I read that ratings and playcounts are stored in the mp3 file when it is exported from the ipod to the pc. Is there any music players that use this data? I've used amarok, banshee, and rythmbox - all of which have different rating and playcount systems - but none of them recognize the ratings and playcounts already there.
I would like to be able to rate music on my computer and on my ipod and have these synchronized. Is ipod to pc synchronization going to be supported in the near future? What about smart playlists?
I know I have a lot of questions! I'm just looking for something to replace itunes after i've become so dependent on my ratings and playcounts and smart playlists! Does anyone have all this working under linux? So far I can't even get these ratings and playcounts I've accumulated off the ipod on to my computer!

Thanks a lot,

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