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     Repairing iPod -> some ID3 tags are gone
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Joined: 2005/11/2
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Posted on: 2005/11/2 4:33

Repairing iPod -> some ID3 tags are gone
Hello : I messed up my iPod filesystem or something, ( iTunes not displaying the Name column ) then used yamipod's repair iPod option and it went allright. itunes shows my ipod perfectly now. but I had a little problem, half of my files had some problems with id3 tags. they didn't displa on iTunes. sometimes while playing the files the id3 showed up, some didn't and many artworks just disapeared.

that's no big deal, but I was wondering how was that possible that it kept the id3 for about two third of the files and not for the others ?

anyway.. very good tool =) it saved me hours of passing gigs and gigs back and fourth using apple's tool to format the drive ;)

and remember : if you messed up your columns in iTunes' iPod section : the problem isn't on the computer you're using but on the iPod ( and no you can't add / remove the Name column from insite itunes ;) )

hope this 'll help

maybe a more specific repair option could be written, rebuilding the itunes config file... could it be ?

btw gr8 tool. really !

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