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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2005/10/3 18:26

Better Audioscrobbler support
I'm very happy to see Yami-Pod going in this direction.
I don't know any other way, at least no easy out-of-the-box one, to integrate iPod and Audioscrobbler.

It's not perfect yet, but it's a good start. I would love to have it working in a less I-never-know-if-yami-pod-will- send-my-songs-to-audioscrobbler-now way. Is it really necessary to wait for a X number of songs to post them all in a row?

Here are some humble suggestions:
- Post the songs as they become available, do not wait for the queue to get bigger, I don't think server will complaint about that....
- Or have a menu option available so the user can post the queue himself (there might not be a connection available at the moment the iPod is plugged in)
- Let the user know somehow (status bar?) what is going on and not only when it's done already. (The alerts are great though)
- Event log.

Keep up the good work people. This is the best free third party iPod manager and there is nothing even close.

Marco Garbelini

PS.:If you give us some candy we can do nothing but ask for more!!!

Joined: 2005/1/18
Posts: 793

Posted on: 2005/10/9 21:28

Re: Better Audioscrobbler support
done. will be there in next release.
By the way I found a couple of bugs in the audioscrobbler plugin I built. Everything should be ok now.

Posted on: 2005/10/10 14:39

Re: Better Audioscrobbler support
I can't wait!!


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