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     YamiPod can't find my iPod, although it's connected correctly
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(Just popping in)

Joined: 2010/3/1
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Posted on: 2010/5/25 15:19

YamiPod can't find my iPod, although it's connected correctly
Hallo, everybody!

I've got the following problem, as far as I know this error has not been mentioned yet:

I've been successfully using YamiPod for Windows since 2 months, but yesterday while data-uploading YamiPod reported that someone was trying to get access to my iPod and for the security isseues the program closed itself. After that it can't find my iPod saying "iPod not connected, please plug your iPod to continue!" The error occures on all the PCs I've tried to launch my iPod. iPod also can't find uploaded data, althought PC reports, that there is data on iPod. I know that iTunes could format iPod, than I could upload a song and go back into using YamiPod, but I'd like to save all the data.

Well, I can't restrain the pleasure to add - YamiPod can't read Russian tags, only English!

So that's the cry from my heart! Are there any means to fix these errors? At least the first one!
Thnx in advance:-*

With best regards,

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