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Posted on: 2005/10/2 4:15

i've found this file on my ipod: \iPod_Control\yamipod\latestworking
can someone tell me what information i can find in this file (playlist for example) and with what programm i can read it?
itunes deleted all my files on ipod and i deleted unluckily all my files on disk


Joined: 2005/1/18
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Posted on: 2005/10/2 4:27

Re: \iPod_Control\yamipod\latestworking
unfortunaly once itunes decides to delete all songs there's not much else to do. You may try to recover songs on iPod with an undelete software, but frankly I don't if it would work.

The file you found contains just the list of songs that are on iPod (it's a backup of iTunsDB).


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