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     feature request: album art!
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Posted on: 2006/1/23 23:56

Re: feature request: album art!
Don't know if this helps or not, but the GTKPod program finally was able to simulate this (takes a defined name of a graphic file within the directory, i.e. cover.jpg). Don't know if that code would help or not.

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Posted on: 2006/1/24 0:02

Re: feature request: album art!
The code is GPLed so I can't use it. Anyway at the moment I haven't enough time to implement such a major feature.

(Just popping in)

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Posted on: 2007/3/20 23:37

Re: feature request: album art!
I have the source code, made in mostly C, or VC++ 6.

and i have made in little modules, finally all together i made a simple .exe ... where you point at the directory where .ithmb files reside... automatically differs from ipod generations by the .ithmb file size, ...and converts them into .ppm graphics file... or else graphic format could be added easily (ex: bmp, jpeg, png).

maybe if you get in contact with me, we could work something, a simple viewer (for the first beta version) so yamipod could see the files, and show them as a simple form gallery...
then the conversion backwards from any kind of file is the same process.

if you want to test it... send me .ithmb files. and i'll answer with pictures.

Manuel Barrio

Posted on: 2007/3/23 21:05

Re: feature request: album art!
For anyone interested, you can get the VC++6 source from here:

I tried to keep the source-code portable, but it may have a few incompatibilities when compiling on other OS's. If you need to change the source code for your OS, please send me your changes.

The executable contained in the archive is a command-line program for Windows. It is used for converting 4G/5G Photo iThmb files to PPM format. This one also handles Nano pics as well. It should be used when you don't have the iPod but do have the backup on your Hard-Drive. It may also be of use if the backup contains a corrupted database because it doesn't use the database file.

You are welcome to use the source-code as not all the code belongs to me.

Stefan Zakarias
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