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     Ipod Shuffle 4G or 3G
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Posted on: 2010/2/2 13:59

Ipod Shuffle 4G or 3G
hi , i have a ipod shuffle 4g or 3G idk becouse CopyTrans Manager says is 3G but i think is 4G is... Until a few weeks working well, but now i cant put some musics in Ipod with Itunes..

I try SharePod, Foola and when i go listen the music, the ipod say: "Please Use Itunes to sync the music"

I try Yamipod and when i start say "Error: not mhod 51,1"

I try CopyTrans Manager and he says: bla bla Switch do Read Mode bla bla

Any1 know other program for i try? or can help me :S

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