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Posted on: 2010/1/1 20:28

MHSD error upon start
Hello, I downloaded Yamipod so I can recover playlists off my 160gig iPod. The following warning screen pops up:

You have used this iPod with an unknown iTunes version, probably an new one. This may cause problems when using YamiPod, visit and please reort problem. Do you want to continue?

If you select 'yes' then Error pops up: error: unsupported mhsd number. Refer to documentation of forum for more information

Can anyone assist me with this?
(Just popping in)

Joined: 2010/1/23
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Posted on: 2010/1/23 19:54

Re: MHSD error upon start
I just downloaded the latest version of Yamipod for Windows and I got the same error:

You have used this iPod with an unknown iTunes version, probably a new one...

and then this message:

Unsupported mhsd number

Please visit for further documentation

I don't see anything here that addresses or fixes this issue.

I am using the latest version of iTunes with an iPod Nano 4G (8GB) and Windows 7 OS.

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Joined: 2010/3/8
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Posted on: 2010/3/8 7:00

Re: MHSD error upon start
I have exactly the same problem but the developers obviously do not care b/c they would have already helped us...

yeah thats a hint.... FIX IT


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