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Posted on: 2009/9/30 0:49

new version itunes 9.0
I get this warning
"you have used this ipod with an unknown itunes version, probably a new one. this may cause problems when using yamipod, visit and please report problem."

Who can give me the answer please? HELP
(Just popping in)

Joined: 2009/10/2
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Posted on: 2009/10/2 19:54

Re: new version itunes 9.0

In your case, and mine, it's too late

We must wait for YAiPOD's next version. Other than the message you described, other messages (related to the DB) prevent us from using this application.

I was thinking of reverting to an older version of iTUNES, but I'm afraid of what may happen to my music library.

Warning to others: avoid iTUNES 9 if you wish to continue using YAiPOD.
Posted on: 2009/10/26 6:56

Re: new version itunes 9.0
I searched google for 'old itunes' uninstalled and reinstalled, restored my ipod and now its working..

(Just popping in)

Joined: 2009/10/30
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Posted on: 2009/10/30 1:49

Re: new version itunes 9.0
got an iPod nano 5G which only works with itunes9 (as I read at
They changed the song database into a sqlite database which is incompatible to the old version.
So switching to itunes 8 will probably not fix my problem
What is your experience how long it will take to get support for nano5G ?

Posted on: 2009/11/29 6:06

Re: new version itunes 9.0
Also with itunes old version, the problem is that yamipod don't forget the first use in 9.0 version..i hope in a short time someone make a new version that reset any problem with this 1.8 yamipod version!:)
see you soon
Posted on: 2009/12/17 23:04

Re: new version itunes 9.0
I had a same problem with yamipod, but luckily I found the solution. Just downgrade your iTunes ( and download an old version (f.e. 8.x.x) and it'll be ok. The key is to unistall every apple application and delete files: iTunes Library.itl, iTunes Music Library.xml, iTunes Library Extras.itdb, iTunes Library Genius.itdb (You should rather copy them) and install the old one. Read the instructions and that's all. Cheerz.
Posted on: 2010/1/26 10:49

Re: new version itunes 9.0
Are you sure? Even if your ipod is "contaminated" by a newer version of itunes? I got the error message after wiping everything apple and reinstalling itunes 8.0. I'm afraid to go ahead with it for fear of losing what's on my ipod. Did you go through this process and get the error message and then go ahead with using the program without consequence?
(Just popping in)

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Posted on: 2010/2/19 23:26

Re: new version itunes 9.0
Hi everyone,

I downloaded yamipod today thinking it would work with the latest version of iTunes (based on what I've read on the web) and have gotten the same message!

Q1. where do you report this?
Q2. anyone have any news on usability with iTunes 9.0+? or any other suggestions?

For some god forsaken reason my "library" has disappeared and I have to get everything back into iTunes / laptop from my iPod ... I'm travelling and I wont have access to my backups for 6 months!!! All help and suggestions appreciated!!!

Thanks to all.

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