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     some songs are not playable/skipped
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Posted on: 2009/8/10 16:02

some songs are not playable/skipped

i use yamipod because it is a decent ipod manager but i recognized a bug recently. i wanted to put an album on my pod, the copy process went well but as i wanted to play the songs on my pod, it always skipped titles until title 4.
later i tried to play them on pc (wmp) and it was all ok so i dont know why these titles are skipped on the ipod..
i already deleted the album and put it on another time, but this time the titles until title 7 were skipped.

has anyone got an idea why this happenes?
one thing is that yamipod warned me on first start that there is an issue about my pod because of an unknown itunes version.. maybe this is already part of the solution


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Posted on: 2009/9/29 0:14

Re: some songs are not playable/skipped
I have run into a few "skippers", that iTunes won't load onto the iPod because they are unplayable and I have corrected the problem by re-encoding the MP3. I use SUPER(C) for my encoding (good for MP4 videos, too, by the way...).

They were 256bit encodes, if that makes any difference (I doubt it).

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