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     "error: iTunes Length (song mhsd)"
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(Just popping in)

Joined: 2009/7/14
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Posted on: 2009/7/14 4:12

"error: iTunes Length (song mhsd)"
Hello, yesterday i opened yamipod as usual, and
everythin was ok, however today, when i turned on my
ipod, all the songs were gone!
What can i do to take my songs back?
when i try to open yamipod theres also a message
saying "error: iTunes Length (song mhsd)"
"Refer to documentation or forum for more
Hope theres something i can still do about it!
Posted on: 2009/8/21 13:19

Re: "error: iTunes Length (song mhsd)"
Hi there,

unfortunately, i had the same problem this morning, quite unpleasant. In my case, the ipod was hot unplug by error while using yamipod. After replug, the songs were visible, accessible and playable in the ipod and in yamipod. Then, I created a new playlist in yamipod, right clicked on a bunch of songs to add them to the playlist. Yamipod crashed. When i restarted, i got the "error: iTunes Length (song mhsd)".
I also have an error when opening iTunes saying it cannot read the ipod content, and suggesting to reset the ipod to factory settings....

stay tuned for more!

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