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Posted on: 2009/3/31 22:17

New User with error message
Just tried to download YamiPod and got error message "There is no default application specified to open the document "yam-mac-1.torrent"

Any suggestions?

Running OS 10.5.6
(Just popping in)

Joined: 2009/4/7
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Posted on: 2009/4/7 14:02

Re: New User with error message
Error you encountered is simple to workaround.

a) You clicked on a download of a "Bitorrent" image for details.
Essentially, this requires a local utility, but
greatly increases download speeds, etc.

VERY, very useful for huge video files, etc.

b) YamiPod is less than 5MB to download - so, you don't really need Bittorent for this one.

Instead, if you look a little lower in the download options, you'll see a more familiar .ZIP version that you can download.

Good luck.

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