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     iPodRip can't find my iPod
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Joined: 2009/3/9
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Posted on: 2009/3/9 13:55

iPodRip can't find my iPod
I see a good review of Yamipod. I find that site and discover that the program is called iPodRip and there is a FREE download - see beside this page--->.
So I start the download and as soon as I activate the program its asks for a registration key for $19.95 Hello, you advertised free. But that would have been OK - I'll pay $19.95 to get my deleted music back. But now iPodRip says it can't see my iPod. It's plugged in and iTunes keeps asking me if I want to sync it, so why can't IPRip see it.

I think I'd like my money back and try to find a better program. Anyome got any ideas, before I complain on Facebook?

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